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A creative widgets bundle that will boost your Elementor page builder experience. It comes with more than 60 unique & stylish elements that allow you to create modern web pages with ease. Booster also offers you some advanced & unique features that gives you more control over your website such as, a Widgets Manager, an Icons Manager, Custom code & more…

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Free Widgets
1. Icon Box Info : List your different products or services features and descriptions.
2. Card Flip : A great tool to display information with its double sides feature.
3. Advanced Button : Style your buttons with endless possibilities & creative hover effects.
4. Image Banner : Make a custom space in your page around a background image.
5. Pricing Plan : Showcase your products and service plans with custom & unique styles.
6. Testimonial : A great way to display testimonials of your clients.
7. Single Icon : A set of customizable icons with multiple hover effects and styling.
8. Interactive Iconbox : A modern element with an icon and title that displays a text on hover.
9. Iconbox Action : Display information with multiple styles using icons and text.
10. Modern Video : Display videos on your website with a modern layout.
11. List Infobox : Make a list with a combination of icons, titles, and text with modern layouts & hover effects.
12. Counter : Create visual statistics about anything.
13. Modal Window : Display extra information as a pop-up.
14. Social Find Us : Display information about you such as social media or portfolio links.
15. Social Share : Add social share buttons to share the current page.
16. Drop Caps : Style your paragraphs using the first letter.
17. Image Swap : Switch between two images using multiple hover effects & styles.
18. Animated Heading : Create fancy headings using different styles and animations
19. Alert Box : A great way to display messages or a notice to your visitors.
20. 3D Card Flip : Element with front and back sides that flips on hover with 3D effects.
21. Vertical Skillbar : Display your data as a percentage using a vertical bar/indicator.
22. Countdown : Represent the remaining time before the start of an event.
23. Modern Image : Show content on your images with unique hover effects.
24. Modal Anything : Display your data with a pop-up and anything can be used.
25. Price Listing : Showcase your products in a list with a modern and simple way.
26. Side Navigation : Add side one single page navigation your pages.

Premium Widgets
1. Advanced Heading : Advanced heading with a title , an optional link and unlimited styling.
2. Price Box : Put your prices on your plans using multiple style effects and combinations.
3. Business Hours : Display your working hours with different styles.
4. Skill Bar : Display your data as a percentage using a vertical bar/indicator.
5. Image Comparison : Show a transformation using a hover effect and two images.
6. Dual Heading : Advanced dual heading with custom colors & styles.
7. Modern Flip Box : Element with a front and back sides that flips on hover.
8. Layered Images : Showcase your images in a unique and stylish manner
9. Radial Progress : Draw a circular progress indicator with percentages text display.
10. Fancy Icon Box : Display your data in a fancy way using multiple layouts.
11. Image Card Slider : Display multiple images in the same space with this slider.
12. Hover Info Box : Add style to you data with these cool hover effects.
13. Block Quotes : Display reviews for your clients with unique design.
14. Interactive Carousel : Slide your images with a modern and unique effect.
15. Hotspot Image : Display your data on an image using hotspot information.
16. Modal Video : display your videos as a pop-up using a button click.
17. Perspective Card : Display your data in a very fancy way with the perspective card.
18. Team Member : Display your team members using multiple fancy effects and layouts.
19. Scroll Image : Offers multiple ways to showcase your images using a scrolling effect.
20. Fancy Text : Add visual effects and animations to your page text & titles.
21. Toggle Content : Toggle between two different data areas in the same space.
22. Filter Images : Display images using filters that you define.
23. Light Box Gallery : Display your gallery with filters and lightbox capabilities.
24. Testimonial Slider : Showcase your clients testimonials using this slider.
25. Block Quotes Slider : Display reviews from your clients on your website.
26. Team Slider : Showcase your team members in the same space using this slider.
27. Showcase Image : Showcase your image and display some text with fancy hover effects.
28. Filter Showcase Images : Showcase your images using filters and display some text fancy effects
29. Filter Scroll Images : Display your images using a scrolling effect and filters.
30. Testimonial Group : Display clients testimonials in the same space using this container.
31. Simple Images Slider : Showcase images in an advanced and styling carousel slider.
32. Static Template : Insert a static elementor template to your pages.
33. Static Templates Tabs : Create tabs for your Booster Addons static templates.

Booster Extensions
1- Particle Effects : Add amazing particle effects on your Elementor sections.
2- Advanced Tooltip : Add advanced tooltips to any widget on Elementor with custom styling, effects & positions.
3- Advanced Backgrounds : Apply advanced backgrounds on your section with amazing styling & transition effects.
4- Background Parallax : Boost Elementor default background with parallax effects & auto moving transitions.
5- Elements Parallax Scroll : Add parallax effects on any Elementor widget.
6- Reading Progress : Add a progress bar indicator in the top of your page, during the scroll down it will indicates the current reading position.
7- Animated Gradient : Attract your website visitors by applying anamited gradient background on your sections.

Enjoying Booster Addons!



  • Home page banner for Booster Addons.
  • Price box simple examples.
  • Clean white business hours example.
  • Toggle content with creative Price Box layouts.
  • Hotspot image clean example.
  • Image comparison widget.
  • Interactive carousel slider in action.
  • Perspective card widget.
  • Some possible layouts & designs of the Radial Progress widget.
  • Skill bar designs & layouts possibilities.
  • Dual Heading clean examples.
  • Welcome page of the Booster Addons admin panel.
  • Full control over your widgets in the Wigets Manager.
  • Create icons sets with the Icons Manager.
  • Control each single icon set by adding, removing icons.
  • One single click demo importer.
  • Add you custom CSS or JS code using a full code editor experience.


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater


  • Make sure you have Elementor Page Builder installed.
  • Download the plugin and save it to the plugins folder under /wp-content/plugins/ or you can install the plugin using wordpress admin area under plugins – add new.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ section in WordPress admin area.


Is this a standalone Plugin?

No. This plugin is an addon for the Elementor page builder so you have to install Elementor first.

Does Booster Addons work with any WordPress theme?

Yes. The plugin will work with any WordPress theme as long as you are using Elementor as a page builder.

Will this plugin negatively affect the performance of my website?

Not only Booster Addons is a light weight addon but you also have the ability to enable/disable widgets using the widgets manager so you can have further control over the performance.

What happens to my content if I update to the Pro version?

Your existing elements/content will work with the pro version and you won’t lose any of your developed content.


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Contributors & Developers

“Booster Elementor Addons” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New : Background Parallax extension
  • New : Animated background gradient extension
  • New : Reading progress + radial reading progress extension
  • New : Elements Parallax onScroll extension
  • New : Advanced Tooltip extension
  • New : Particle Effects extension
  • New : Advanced Backgrounds extension
  • Bug Fix : Icon chooser hover effect.


  • Modern Image Widget : Fixed overlay issue
  • Bug Fix : issue in the Booster Addons admin panel


  • Bug Fix : issue in the Booster Addons admin panel


  • Initial release