Retainful – WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery and Next Order Coupons


Retainful helps you recover abandoned carts and drive repeat purchases in your WooCommerce store. It can capture the email address and automatically send a series of email reminders when customers abandon their carts in your shop.

Abandoned Cart Recovery in WooCommerce

Research shows that about 70 to 80% of customers abandon their carts and leave your store without buying. At least 40 to 60% of these abandoned carts can be recovered by sending well-timed, series of email reminders.

Retainful helps you automatically send recovery emails when customers abandon their carts. You can schedule a series of timed email reminders that can be sent to the customers to recover their carts and complete the purchase.

Here is an example:

  • First email is sent 30 minutes after the customer abandoned the cart
  • Second email is sent 6 hours after the abandonment automatically.
  • Third email can be sent a day after. This time, include a coupon code in the email.
  • Fourth abandoned cart reminder goes 3 days after (if the cart still remains un-recovered)

All these abandoned cart email reminders can be scheduled and sent automatically. No need to manually send these emails.

Retainful can automatically send these abandoned cart reminders and it stops the moment customer completes the purchase.

How does Retainful work?

  • The plugin captures the email address as soon as customer enters it at the checkout step.
  • If the customer has not completed the purchase within 30 minutes, ifirst email reminder is sent automatically with a unique recovery link
  • Customer clicks the link to recover his cart.
  • Completes the purchase

With Retainful Premium plans, you can also capture customer’s email when they add an item to cart or when they try to leave your site without buying, i.e, Exit Intent Popup

How to get started with Retainful?

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Sign up for a free account and get your API Keys
  3. Connect to Retainful

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Retainful can do more than recovering your lost sales. It can drive repeat purchases in your store. Say hello to Next Order Coupons for WooCommerce

Next Order Coupons

Retainful can help you drive repeat purchases by sending single-use, unique coupon codes for the next purchase.

The customer can redeem this coupon code during their next purchase. This helps you retain your existing customers, get repeated orders and earn more dollars per customer.

Customize emails with Drag and Drop Visual Email Editor

Create beautiful, mobile-friendly emails in minutes using the Retainful’s powerful drag and drop email editor. Use our ready-to-use email templates and customize them in minutes to reflect your brand. Add a logo, custom text, images, social icons and links, shop address, coupon and more using the drag and drop editor.

Better Performance and Site Speed

With Retainful 2.0, you can now track and recover abandoned carts without adding any additional load to your site performance. When storing tons of abandoned carts and running constant cron jobs in your site for scheduling and sending emails, it consumes quite a lot of your server resources, affecting the site performance. (For example, you have set an email to be sent 15 minutes after a cart is abandoned. That means, a cron job should be running repeatedly at least every 5 minutes and the site had to constantly run checks after checks whether the time has come to send the email. If not, the email won’t go at the right time. These constant checks will have a huge impact on the site).

Instead, you can let Retainful handle abandoned cart recovery campaigns for you. This will ensure that you can track any number of abandoned carts, run the recovery campaigns and monitor the revenue generated from your campaigns, without adding any additional loads to your site.


Abandoned Cart Recovery Features:

  • Automatically send abandoned cart emails when customers abandon their cart
  • Capture all abandoned carts including the guest carts.
  • Customers can recover their carts with a single click. A unique recovery link is sent in the abandoned cart email.
  • Schedule a sequence of emails (at timed intervals) till customer recovers the cart.
  • Unlimited abandoned cart recovery email templates and email reminders.
  • Include the cart items and summary in the emails – Customers can see abandoned cart products in the email
  • Short codes for including customer’s first name, last name. So you can make the cart recovery email more personalised.
  • Retainful automatically stops sending the emails once the cart is recovered
  • Drag and Drop Visual Email Editor. (Retainful 2.0)
  • Create beautiful, mobile-friendly emails easily with drag and drop email editor. (Retainful 2.0)
  • Extensive reporting – See abandoned carts, recovered, live carts.
  • See real-time carts, i.e, carts of the customers who are purchasing in your site at the very moment
  • Compare Abandoned order value and the Recovered order values
  • Mailchimp integration (Retainful 2.0)

Next Order Coupon features:

Supercharge your transactional emails

Retainful comes with an awesome coupon box layout that gets automatically included in the order notifications. You can choose which order statuses should include the Next Order Coupon box.

Coupon Expiry/Validity
You can set an expiry / validity for the next order coupon. Example: You can set the coupon to expire after 10 days.
This will motivate the customer to make his next purchase within 10 days.

Usage restrictions
Limit the coupon to be used only for certain categories or products. You can exclude the products and categories from the coupon as well.

Minimum/Maximum Spend
You can choose to apply the coupon only when a customer spends a minimum value for his next purchase.

Exclude Products on Sale
If you already have products on Sale, you can choose to exclude them from getting a discount from the next order coupon.

Reduces the friction / Auto Apply Coupon

Customer does not have to copy and paste (or type out) the coupon code. They can simply click the Go button/link and the code gets automatically applied at cart when they add any products.
So there is less friction which increases the conversions.

Seamless integration with WooCommerce

Whether you are using the default transactional emails of WooCommerce or use an email customizer, Retainful plays nice with them and includes the single-use coupon.

Insights and Analytics

The Retainful Dashboard shows you the conversions in real-time and know how much money you made through repeat purchases using Retainful coupons. See who have opened the cart recovery emails and the total revenue recovered from lost your carts.

Retainful Premium Add-ons

Retainful comes with premium add-ons to recover the sales effectively.

Premium Add-ons:

Exit-Intent Popup

Convert your visitors into customers when they try to leave your shop with items in their cart. Track the mouse behaviour of your customers and trigger a popup with coupon or collect email when the customer tries to exit.
With the exit popups, you can encourage the visitors to complete their purchase ot leave their email.

Add-to-cart Email Capture Popup

Collect the email address before the customer adds an item to cart.
Trigger a popup when the customer clicks add to cart and get their email address. The popup is fully customisable. Change the colour, background, text and the labels.
This enables you to follow-up the customer even if he abandons the cart.
If an existing customer logs in, automatically associate their cart with their email.

Countdown Timer with Automatic Coupon Application

Add an urgency to complete the checkout by showing a countdown timer with an offer. Let it apply a coupon automatically and set a countdown timer for the coupon.
The feature implements the two proven psychological motivators – Urgency and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Once the timer ends, the coupon is removed. So the customer will purchase because he does not want to miss the offer.

Coupon for Email Collection

Not every visitor will be ready to input their email address at the time of adding an item to cart. Instead of plainly asking for the email, you can say “get a 10% discount code in your email. Please enter your email”.
This will encourage the customer to enter their email ID to get the coupon code. Retainful allows you to collect the Email ID and send an email with the coupon code.
Learn more about incentivizing your visitors

You can try the Premium add-ons free for 14 days. We offer a 14-day trial period for you to test drive the features.

Free Trial, Free Plan & Pricing

Get Started today with a 14-day free trial that gives you unlimited access to all features, then upgrade to keep using all Premium features, or switch to our free plan if you are just getting started.

Retainful is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform that provides both free and subscription-based services, depending on features you need for your WooCommerce store.

Check out our pricing page for more informtion

Support and Documentation

Get a world class support from the Retainful team. We are a customer-first team. Use the support form or leave a message via the Live Chat icon at
We’d love to hear from you!


Did not find a feature?

We are working hard to bring in more features to recover abandoned carts and customer retention. So please feel free to reachout if you have any feature requests.

More about Retainful



  1. Download & Activate the plugin on WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Sign up for a free account at
  3. Get the App ID and App Secret to connect the store


1. I have downloaded the plugin, but don’t have a Retainful account. How can I get one?

You can sign up for a Retainful account by visiting our sign up page. You can create an account free of cost.

2. What is a Cart Abandonment?

When a customer leaves your shop without completing a purchase, it is called Cart Abandonment. So the customer added items to cart, but has not checked out or paid or has not shown any activity for a certain period of time.

3. How to capture customer’s email address ?

Retainful can capture the email address as soon as customer enters it at the checkout step. Besides, you can also capture the email early-on by using the Add-to-cart Email Collection popup and Exit Intent Popup.

4. How customers can recover the abandoned cart ?

Retainful includes a unique cart recovery link in the email reminders sent to the customers. So customers can recover their carts (and items in it) with a single click and complete the purchase.

5. Can I include a coupon in the cart recovery emails ?

Yes. You can include a coupon code to encourage the customers to complete the purchase. When the customer clicks the cart recovery link, you can also set the coupon to auto apply in their cart as well. This will increase the conversion and grow your revenue.

6. When Next Order Coupons will be sent

When a customer makes a purchase in your store, he will get a unique, single use coupon for his next purchase. This coupon is included right inside the order notification email itself. This is because the transactional emails like order notifications have the higher open and conversion rates.

7. Do I have to pay for support?

No. There is no charges for support.


I did not use retainful much. I didn't like the plugin. However, as renewal got closer they kept emailing me trying to get me to update payment method. I did not. Then about a week after the continued, daily emails, they ended up charging my card from the original payment method I used a year ago. I am so angry and if I am not refunded I will file a chargeback complaint to my credit card issuer.
Howdy, This plugin works very well. We have been using it for the past 5 months for abandon carts and have recovered a significant amount of revenue from our abandoned carts. The new Referal program looks great and we are experimenting with it now. Also, we have used several of the coupon recovery tools that are available with good success. All around, this has been a very easy plugin to use.
Really handy plugin which I have linked to MailChimp. It's already generated multiple abandoned basket sales and grown our mailing list. Had an issue after an upgrade today and the dev released a patch SUPER quickly to help. Great service. Worth every penny.
Davvero felice di aver ricevuto un fantastico supporto tecnico da "Ram". Veloce, rapido ed efficace. Splendido e funzionale plugin con un ottimo supporto tecnico. E pensare che ho richiesto aiuto avendo solo la versione free... Comprerò sicuramente la versione premium con questo tipo di supporto. Grazie infinite.
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Contributors & Developers

“Retainful – WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery and Next Order Coupons” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial release


  • New Feature: Usage restrictions
  • New Feature: Coupon validity / expiry
  • New Feature: Maximum Spend Limit
  • New Feature: Exclude sale products from Coupon


  • Fix: Changing parameter


  • Fix: Auto apply coupon by clicking link given in coupon


  • New Feature: Individual coupon use
  • New Feature: Disconnect app from Retainful anytime


  • New Feature: Integrated with WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder


  • Fix: Allow plugin to create and manage coupons, If plugin is not connected to Retainful.


  • New Feature: Abandoned cart recovery emails


  • Improvement: Plugin size reduced


  • New Feature: Send test email of any email template


  • Improvement: Settings optimized


  • New Feature: Automatically creates coupon for old orders, while sending email notifications.
  • Improvement: Send coupon code along admin notification.


  • Fix: Scheduling events issue fixed


  • New Feature: Premium Add-on for E-mail Collection


  • New Feature: Free abandoned cart emails, with single click usage


  • New Feature: Generate coupons only for particular order status


  • Fix: Problem in creating new Email template
  • Improvement: Save Email-Template before sending the test E-Mail
  • Fix: Next order coupon Coupon expiry date issue
  • Fix: Next order coupon exclude products not saved issue


  • Fix: Multi currency issue with VillaTheme


  • Fix: session issue


  • Improvement: UI/UX improved
  • Improvement: Option added to disable Next order coupon


  • Improvement: Support for Multilingual added


  • Fix: Auto login to recover user cart issue fix


  • New Feature: New page added to view sent recovery E-mails
  • Fix: Issue fix for Queueing the abandoned cart recovery E-mails


  • Fix: IP Filter for abandoned carts not working


  • Improvement: Multi-site compatibility added


  • Improvement: support for a business plan as well
  • Fix: Next order coupon not created with email customizer
  • Fix: MIME-Version issue fixed
  • Improvement: Support for “WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note” added
  • New Feature: Restrict coupon code based on user role
  • New Feature: Recoverable carts filter added to the abandoned carts filter section


  • Fix: Disabled Email templates added to queue


  • Fix: Remove disabled email template queue and the schedule the next active email template
  • Fix: Recoverable carts card added
  • Fix: AttachOrderCoupon invalid parameter error fixed
  • Fix: Missing “exit” while redirecting


  • New feature: Manage abandoned carts in cloud


  • Improvement: Adding crawler detector to reduce spam carts


  • New feature: Implementing JavaScript cart tracking Engine to improve the User experience


  • Improvement: Cart Tracking JavaScript Loaded externally
  • Fix: Coupon timer will never initlize when coupon is not chosen
  • Fix: Changing class name unique


  • Fix: getting line item price issue
  • Fix: Recovered at time was empty
  • Fix: empty the cart when user logged out
  • Fix: Different cart consider when user registered or login
  • Fix: Duplicate cart created when online payment failed


  • Fix: Duplicate cart created when online payment failed


  • Fix: IP address gathering improved
  • Fix: jQuery undefined issue fixed in premium addons
  • Fix: Premium features functionalities improved
  • Fix: Zero value cart tracking options added
  • Fix: coupon search and choosing option improved
  • Improvement: next order coupon creation restriction added


  • Fix: Variable products can not recovered properly when clicking cart recovery URL


  • Improvement: Saving session data improved


  • Improvement: Removing unwanted variables


  • Improvement: Removing NULL variables
  • Improvement: Code clean up


  • Fix: Fatal error on de-activating WooCommerce


  • Improvement: Session handling storage added
  • Fix: Cart tracking js issue fixed


  • Fix: Blacklist IP from tracking carts
  • Fix: Next order coupon not attaching to email when order status is different


  • Fix: Issue with email customizer plus retainful block
  • Fix: Deprecation warning with woocommerce 4.0(Action scheduler)
  • Fix: Getting applied discounts issue


  • Fix: Extra headers added for requests
  • Fix: Next order coupon expiry date issue fixed


  • Fix: support for latest version of wordpress and woocommerce added


  • Fix: validating NOC coupon before saving added


  • Fix: Cart recovery fallback added


  • New feature: cart total based next order coupon added


  • New feature: consider canceled order as abandoned order


  • Fix: Add to cart popup “no thanks” link issue fixed
  • New feature: exit intent popup new option added to show popup only for customers who not provided their email address


  • Fix: Coupon timer improved
  • New feature: Exit intent popup now support mobile devices


  • Fix: Support upto 5.5 added


  • Fix: Add to cart popup added


  • Fix: NOC issue on manual order created by admin
  • Fix: tracking pixel issue fixed
  • Fix: rest api permission callback issue fixed
  • Fix: removed cmb2 dependency
  • Fix: settings page redesigned
  • Fix: validation added


  • Fix: Stripslashes issue fixed


  • Fix: Abandoned carts management for old users not works


  • New feature: Referral program


  • Fix: Premium popups issue fixed


  • Improvement: Loading Referral widgetin optimal way


  • Fix: Next order coupon expiry


  • Fix: Automatically coupons get generated, when NOC disabled
  • Fix: Exit intent popup not shown when the settings is display every time of customer exists
  • Fix: Add to cart popup shown even after email entered
  • Fix: Coupon timer colors not applied


  • Fix: issues in loading pro JS
  • Fix: Removed option “Move email field to top”


  • Improvement: Optimized customer’s total spent and customer’s total orders query


  • Fix: customer’s total spent and customer’s total was not taken from session


  • Improvement: Referral program JavaScript optimized to work with cache plugin


  • Improvement: Optimized pro addons for cache plugin
  • Fix: Recovery link redirect customer to payment page even if he didn’t enter checkout details when using woocommerce-block plugin


  • Fix: NOC is generating for invalid categories


  • Fix:
  • hook added to enable/disable referral program
  • Fix: Issue in adding order note for the recovered orders.
  • Improvement: code improved to handle invalid params passed to functions
  • improvement: added option to get the width of add to cart popup input fields from the customer.
  • Filter added to stop loading ATC popup in the checkout page
  • Filter added to change cart and checkout page URL


  • Fix: Mark order as recovered only when the user clicks the recovery link
  • Improvement: Deleting the scheduled action from the custom table
  • option added to remove embedded referral widget in the accounts page


  • Improvement: Indiual use option added to Referral program


  • Improvement: Getting order number of order improved
  • New Feature: New option added to remove NOC in order transaction emails
  • Fix: script tag optimized


  • Fix: Billing fields optimized
  • NOC coupons expiry date timestamp added