WP Synchro – Migrate WordPress database and files


Complete migration plugin for WP developers, by WP developers

Automating the repetitive task of migrating sites, such as keeping a local development site synchronized with a production site or a staging site in sync with a production site.

  • Save time by automating migrations – Setup once, run many times
  • Improve your service and quality to your customer by working on the best possible data on dev/staging environments
  • Simple and convenient maintenance of your environments being super fast and easy to use

WP Synchro FREE gives you:

  • Pull/push database from one site to another
  • Search/replace in database data (supports serialized data)
  • Select the database tables you want to move
  • High security – No other sites and servers are involved and all data is encrypted on transfer
  • Setup once – Run multiple times – Perfect for development/staging/production environments

In addition to this, the PRO version gives you:

  • File synchronization (such as media, plugins, themes or custom files/dirs)
  • Only synchronize the difference in files, making it super fast
  • Customize the exact synchronization you need – Down to a single file
  • Database backup before migration
  • WP CLI command to schedule synchronizations via cron or other trigger
  • Pretty much the ultimate tool for doing WordPress migrations
  • 14 day trial is waiting for you to get started at WPSynchro.com

Typical use for WP Synchro:

  • Developing websites on local server and wanting to push a website to a live server or staging server
  • Get a copy of a working production site, with both database and files, to a staging or local site for debugging or development with real data
  • Generally moving WordPress sites from one place to another, even on a firewalled local network

WP Synchro PRO version:

Pro version gives you more features, such as synchronizing files, database backup, WP CLI command and much faster support.
Check out how to get PRO version at WPSynchro.com
We have a 14 day trial waiting for you and 30 day money back guarantee. So why not try the PRO version?


  • Shows the overview of plugin, where you start and delete the synchronization jobs
  • Shows the add/edit screen, where you setup a synchronization job
  • Shows the setup of the plugin
  • WP Synchro doing a database migration


Here is how you get started:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wpsynchro directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly
  2. Make sure to install the plugin on all the WordPress installations (it is needed on both ends of the synchronizing)
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Choose if data can be overwritten or be downloaded from installation in menu WP Synchro->Setup
  5. Add your first installation from WP Synchro overview page and configure it
  6. Run the synchronization
  7. Enjoy
  8. Rerun the same migration again next time it is needed and enjoy how easy that was


Do you offer support?

Yes we do, for both free and PRO version. But PRO version users always get priority support, so support requests for the free version will normally take some time.
Check out how to get PRO version at WPSynchro.com

You can contact us at support@wpsynchro.com for support. Also check out the “Support” menu in WP Synchro, that provides information needed for the support request.

Does WP Synchro do database merge?

No. We do not merge data in database. We only migrate the data and overwrite the current.

Where can i contact you with new ideas and bugs?

If you have an idea for improving WP Synchro or found a bug in WP Synchro, we would love to hear from you on:

What is WP Synchro tested on?

Currently we do automated testing on more than 150 configurations with different WordPress/PHP/Database versions.

WP Synchro is tested on :
* MySQL 5.5 up to MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB from 5.5 to 10.3.
* PHP 5.6 up to latest version
* WordPress from 4.7 to latest version.

Do you support multisite?

Well, not really at the moment.
We have not done much testing on multisite yet, so use it is at own risk.
It is currently planned for one of the next releases to support it.


Absolutely life saver of a tool, and its proved incredibly useful. While working between multiple PC's and Laptops on one single project, its great to be able to Push from my PC to a server, and then pull down them changes to my laptop while working remotely. All very quick and easy, and sync's perfectly. Also, proving very useful while working on some pre-existing projects with very restrictive servers. Allowing me to sync site data and files, without requiring special server access.
Very smooth and straight to the point functionalities. Simple to use and work well. Their support is very good too ! keep up the good work guys.
It is so easy now to keep production and staging server in synch. This plugin does exactly what is design for.
Very useful for working locally and deploying quickly during development.
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Synchro – Migrate WordPress database and files” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Bugfix: File population can in certain cases generate REST errors


  • Bugfix: Make multisite error a warning instead, to prevent blocking users that want to use it anyway
  • Bugfix: Make “WP in own dir” error a warning instead of error, improve the path detection and give a more detailed warning message
  • Improvement: Change JSON debug information to also include file paths and remove the general debug data


  • General: Overall improvement of stability and many big and small improvements
  • Improvement: Support for replacing url’s inside json data, such as Elementor templates (wp.org issue)
  • Improvement: Finally full support for all MySQL datatypes
  • Improvement: Support for subdirectory sites
  • Improvement: Search/replaces are now editable and removable, even the default ones
  • Improvement: General improvement of error messages given to the user
  • Improvement: Support for WordPress 5.3, which is just around the corner
  • Improvement: Proper message when doing synchronization from HTTPS site to HTTP site, which Chrome no longer allows
  • Improvement: Added option in “setup” menu to disable IP security check – Can be needed if requests pass multiple server
  • Improvement: Proper warning to user on installation creation, if one of the two sites have overlapping paths
  • Improvement: Add check to make sure database user can create tables in the database
  • Improvement: Implement PSR4 autoloading with composer
  • Improvement: More intelligent support for WordPress in its own directory – Such as Roots Bedrock
  • Improvement: Logs are now rotated and will have max 20 logs at any point – older will be deleted
  • Improvement: Added a button on “Logs” page to remove all the logs
  • Improvement: Making it more clear when a “Installation” is new or being edited
  • Improvement: Better deactivation, that now removes the database tables
  • Bugfix: Try to prevent REST service call periodic timeouts, which we have seen some users having trouble with


  • Highlight: Maintenance release with bugfixes
  • Improvement: When REST service calls fail, make sure to log more debug logging for easier troubleshooting
  • Bugfix: Proper error is not thrown when failing file reads because of permissions
  • Bugfix: Improvement of IP detection function, that in some cases did not return correct IP
  • Bugfix: In some cases, an endless loop happened when file was remove mid-synchronization
  • Bugfix: WP CLI had its time limit removed, as it is not relevant in CLI environment


  • Highlight: Big improvement to the compatibility with different hosting setups – Everything now runs chunked in 30 seconds or less, which prevents timeouts on some hosting
  • Bugfix: SAVEQUERIES constant now properly detected
  • Bugfix: Proper handling of unlimited memory limit and max execution time in PHP
  • Bugfix: Prevent security token timeout on slow systems
  • Bugfix: Database backup mistakenly went into endless loop, when having no tables to backup

** Only showing the last few releases – See rest of changelog in changelog.txt **